Kobe is a jerk......again

Ok, there are going to be some of you out their who will always respect a player who has incredible skill, but no amount of skill will ever mask Kobe’s self-indulgence. Apparently while being questioned about his rape a year ago he mentioned to police that shaq pays hundreds of thousands to keep girls quiet. Even if this is true, how does it pertain to you? You little snob, you just can’t be wrong can you, you accuse Shaq of buying love yet you shut your trophy wife up with a 4 million dollar rock? Hypocrite. Unlike a mass of NBA players Kobe is not slow witted or rough around the edges. He is fully aware he’s being an ass. Congrats to shaq for not killing kobe because he has known kobe has been spreading lies ALL SEASON. Shaq even made the comment that he never has spent much of any time with Kobe over the last 8 years. More than likely this is just more bullshit from someone who may be intelligent, but shows he is nothing more than a high school to NBA jumper who never grew up.

tell someone who gives a %&*#!

Well at least you are living up to your moniker.

Yes I really do not like the NBA, BTW, sorry for the lame topic pickman, I will try to keep my opinions to myself on this DISCUSSION BOARD.