Kyle Kuric - 2008 sg

6’4, 175 lb rising senior at Evansville Reitz High in Evansville, Indiana. He is a great shooter, but also a good slasher and phenomal athlete (has a 37 inch vert). Apparently has a killer work ethic as well.

Some key stats: 23 ppg, shot [B]47%[/B] from behind the arc

He holds offers from CHARLOTTE, Louisville, Michigan, Penn State, SLU, Bradley, Butler, Evansville, Indiana State, and Southern Illinois. Michigan seems to be the leader, he really likes coach Belein. Perdue, Iowa, Indiana, and Duke are also showing interest.

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According to Scout, Dayton and Xavier are interested as well, though X has already received commitments for all available scholarships for its 2008 class. UD still has one available.

He’s also mentioned in this piece about SLU recruiting… Holmes To Visit Saint Louis

And this Q&A with Kuric: Q & A: Evansville Memorial’s Kyle Kuric

And more from a sports blog in the Louisville Courier-Journal:

Evansville prospect Kyle Kuric continues to keep blowing up on the recruiting circuit. Not only was coach Rick Pitino of Louisville watching his game yesterday, but a load of other coaches were in attendance including Duke's coach K. I heard earlier in the week that Duke was getting involved, along with U of L and Indiana and a host of others. I will try and check in with Kyle today to see what's up.


After reading through all the links on Kuric, Duke wants him to prep and UofL will take him initially as a walk-on, then offer a schollie his sophomore year. I think he just needs to say “thanks, but no thanks” to that and sign with the Niners! :lol:

With Bowden committing and one scholarship to give, I’m thinking we’re not going to recruit Kuric anymore. Or any other SGs for that matter. Starting next fall we have Ian for two more years, Bowden for four, and Barnett for a minimum of three years (I think he’ll redshirt).

Yep. We’re set with guards for a while. Check it out:

[B]1[/B] - Dijuan Harris - [COLOR=DarkGreen]3 years[/COLOR]
[B]1 /2[/B] - Mike Gerrity (a little on the short side for SG, but he can play either guard position) - [COLOR=#006400]2.5 years[/COLOR] & Jerrell Lewis - [COLOR=#006400]1 year[/COLOR]
[B]2 /1[/B] - Shamarr Bowden (College Hoops Update claims he’s "caught between the two guard spots) - [COLOR=#006400]4 years (2008) [/COLOR]
[B]2[/B] - Ian Andersen - [COLOR=#006400]3 years[/COLOR]
[B]2 /3[/B] - Javarris Barnett (Sometimes called a guard/foward in recruiting sites) - [COLOR=#006400]4 years[/COLOR]
[B]3 /2[/B] - Charles Dewhurst (listed as a guard on - [COLOR=#006400]4 years[/COLOR]
[B]3[/B] (also 2 & 4) - Lamont Mack (Mr. Versality) - [COLOR=#006400]2 years[/COLOR]
[B]3 /4[/B] - An’juan Wilderness - [COLOR=#006400]4 years[/COLOR]
[B]4 /3[/B] - none
[B]4[/B] (also 3 & 5) - Charlie Coley (sometimes listed as a SF, can play C too) - [COLOR=#006400]2 years[/COLOR]
[B]4 /5[/B] - Gaby Ngoundjo - [COLOR=#006400]4 years[/COLOR]
[B]5 /4[/B] - none
[B]5 [/B]- Phil Jones -[COLOR=#006400]3 (4?) years[/COLOR]

(Graduating - Leemire Goldwire & Sean Phaler)

That’s pretty darn good balance. Something we haven’t seen recently.

According to a thread on, Kuric has narrowed his list to Saint Louis, Southern Illinois, Louisville, and Michigan.

He’s going to decide between UofL and Southern Illinois.

I would think this kid had Michigan written all over him. His skill set seems to be on par with Mike Gansey, who flourished in Belein’s system at WVU.

Apparently he’s really smitten with Louisville ever since they got involved. He cancelled a visit to Saint Louis last weekend, then announced that UofL and SIU were the finalists. I’m wondering if Torres Roundtree’s recommitment to the Salukis will factor into Kuric’s decision, which would probably result in the Cards getting his verbal.

Commits to Louisville.