La Salle's Harris wins 3-point contest

La Salle’s Darnell Harris and Dayton’s Brian Roberts both participated in the NCAA Final Four State Farm 3-point shooting contest, with the former winning in the final round versus Chris Lofton of Tennessee. Was Goldwire even invited?! :huh: Harris is Three-Point King! Darnell Harris Wins 2008 Mens 3-Point Shooting Contest

While Goldwire is talented, his 3 pt % was nothing noteworthy. You can certainly make the argument that he was forced to make bad shots because we didn’t have any other go to scorers throughout much of the season, but those who select these players are not going to look into the selections that deeply.

Really? I thought last week a lot of noise was being made that DHarris was [I]not [/I]invited but BRob [I]was[/I]… Interesting. I think Lee should have been a candidate but many have pointed out that his 3PT% was poor compared to others. I still think Lee should have recieved an invite.

Congrats to Harris.

There was a thread about this on here just a few days ago. It’s probably a page down now.

good to see A10 gettin repped and winning. I saw a member of the Lady Flyers was in the 3 pt contest, also.