LA Tech Bulldogs Game 1/19




Looking over the Bulldogs’ roster and pretty much a nine man rotation with five averaging double figure points. Size wise we match up pretty well.

FWIW, LA Tech 0-3 in league road games this season and 1-12 in last thirteen as C-USA visitor dating back to 2017-18.

Of course, they are 6-0 vs the Niners, so we owe them!


We are going to be very good once we get into year 3 Sanchez


Wow! LA Tech was averaging 78 ppg. Nice to finally beat the Bulldogs and get a win after Thursday’s heartbreaker vs Southern Miss. Go Niners!


Supica had some good minutes in the second half. :smile:

One of my least favorite refs fell on his ass near the end of the game.:joy:


Robb was great tonight in all facets of the game, Martin looked like he was ready to play again. I wanted more out of Younger. Clearly Tech’s game plan was that JD would not beat them, and he didn’t, but they still lost big, so it was a bad plan. This team continues to grow.


Key to the season…hold opponents to 4% from behind the arc.


We still had 3 shot clock violations!


Can’t bitch about much since we won and did so with JD having a subpar offensive game.


Yup impressive to get this (or any) win with JD shooting as poorly as he did tonight.


It’s great to get a win! Nice to see a peek of what we will look like in the coming years.



Only making 1 of 23 3pt fg attempts has to be a record for at least 23 attempts. That is really really pathetic.


What a great win! Hill tweeted out a stat that last year teams were averaging 80PPG against us, now averaging 67. That’s in year 1 with only what 5 scholarship players? I don’t know the exact number.

Will be there Monday vs ODU, had to miss this one due to family commitments.



Had all eight scholarship players + walk-on Blight get PT vs the Bulldogs. In fact, frosh Martin (10 pts) and Robb (12 pts) led a pretty balanced scoring attack.


Is a guy like McGill on scholarship though? I don’t really count him. Blight has surprised me at times this year in a good way.


Yes he is on scholarship