Lacrosse All-Americans Announced

The MCLA announced their All-American teams for both A and B Divisions for the 2007 season. The Niners have two mentions on the rosters. Leading off is Defenseman Steve Ruane, who added 2nd team AA to his other postseason awards. Also mentioned is Attack John Metcalfe, who was named to the 2007 Academic All-America team.

Players from SELC in [B]bold[/B] school color

[B]Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association Division A All America[/B]

First Team
Mark Davis, Brigham Young University, Jr.
Danny Stevens, Colorado State University, Sr.
Julian Coffman, University of Oregon, Sr.
Justin Hier, Brigham Young University, So.

Pat Bird, Colorado State University, Sr.
Tyler Monteath, Brigham Young University, Jr.
Scott Cadiz, University of Colorado, Sr.
Trevor Tesar, University of Oregon, Sr.

Douglas Abate, UC Santa Barbara, Sr.
Chris Zolkower, Michigan State University, Sr.
[COLOR=Olive][B]Mike Algozer, Georgia Institute of Technology, Sr.[/B][/COLOR]
Adam Schnirl, Colorado State University, Sr.

Faceoff Specialist
Scott Miller, University of Oregon, Sr…

Defensive Specialist
Chris Schaible, UC Santa Barbara, So

Jake Launert, University of Minnesota – Duluth, Jr.

All America Second Team
Jon Atwood, University of Colorado, Sr.
Chris Cook, Northeastern University, Sr.
Tyler Westfall, Arizona State University, So.
[B][COLOR=DarkRed]Corey Noonan, Florida State University, So.[/COLOR]
Ted Ferrin, Brigham Young University, Fr.
Mike Christians, Simon Fraser University, Sr.
Kyle Klossner, University of Minnesota – Duluth, Sr.
Zach Davis, Brigham Young University, Sr.

Todd Jolly, University of Oregon, Sr.
Matt Ziebol, University of Minnesota – Duluth , Jr.
Jordan Harris, Brigham Young University, Sr.
Chris Ward, Boston College, Jr.

Faceoff Specialist
Ryan Groom, University of Minnesota – Duluth, Jr.

Defensive Specialist
Murphy Smith, Brigham Young University, So.

Craig Sini, Northeastern University, Sr.

Third Team
Pete Nelson, University of Minnesota – Duluth, Jr.
Jared Blechman, University of Michigan, So.
[COLOR=Red][B]Watson Bryant, University of Georgia, Sr.[/B][/COLOR]
Austin Gardner-Smith , Boston College, Jr.
Nicholas Stratton, UC Santa Barbara, Sr.

[COLOR=DarkOrange][B]Rob Lombard, University of Florida, Sr.[/B][/COLOR]
Stephen Black, University of Illinois, So.
Jonathan Diplock, Lindenwood University, Fr.
Tom Lauria, University of Minnesota – Duluth, Sr.
Nathan Tabb, Texas A&M University, Sr.

Phil Keebler, Sonoma State University, So.
Scott Kelly, University of California –Berkley, Sr.
Will Miller, Northeastern University, Sr.
Will Clugston, Michigan State University, Sr.
Clint English, University of Utah, Jr.

Brekhan Kohlitz, University of Michigan, Jr.
Brandon Baethke, Lindenwood University, So.

Warren Pringle, Sonoma State University, Sr.
Tyson Ehinger , Colorado State University, Jr.

Honorable Mention
Foster Malcolm, A, Northeastern University, Sr.
Brian Baines, A, Michigan State University, Sr.
Ryan Westfall, M, Arizona State University, Fr.
Dustin Benesch, M, UC Santa Barbara, Sr.
Tom Luckey, M, Boston College, Fr.
Mark Swoboda, M, Santa Clara University, So.
Stephen Lundberg, M, Colorado State University, So.
Justin Ashenfelter, FOGO, Boston College, Sr.
Jon Maxwell, FOGO, Sonoma State University, Sr.
Doug Sutherland, FOGO, University of Illinois, So.
Masato Takesh*ta, FOGO, UC Santa Barbara, Sr.
Scott Rickert, DS, University of Arizona, Sr.
[COLOR=DarkRed][B]Chris Cecil, LSM, Florida State University, Sr.[/B][/COLOR]
Griffin Knowlton, LSM, Northeastern University, Jr .
Christian Kikumoto, G, Brigham Young University, Jr.
Eric Rakoczy, G, University of Illinois, Fr.
[COLOR=Red][B]Matt Smith, G, University of Georgia, Jr.[/B][/COLOR]

[B]2007 Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association Division B All America[/B]

First Team
Townsend Hall, University of Montana, Jr.
Brian Evans, University of Northern Colorado, So.
[COLOR=Black][B]John Healy, Savannah College of Art and Design, So.[/B][/COLOR]
Brian Strauss, St John’s University, So.

James Brand, Westminster College, Jr.
Jim Hannafin, Framingham St College, Jr.
Joe Julius, University of St Thomas, Jr.
[B][COLOR=Navy]Curt Simmons, Emory University, Jr.[/COLOR][/B]

Ryan Stolley, Fort Lewis College, Sr.
Mike Freeman , St John’s University, So.
Gavin Walsh, Salem State University, Sr.
[COLOR=Navy][B]Ryan Covert, Emory University, Jr.[/B][/COLOR]

Faceoff Specialist
Pat Costello, University of St Thomas, Sr.

Defensive Specialist
Matt Weurfful, Pacific Lutheran University, Sr.

Collin Connery, University of Montana, So.

All America Second Team
Conor Mullaney, Creighton University, Sr.
Joe Szostack, Harding University, Sr.
Jon Ongjoco, St John’s University, Jr.
James Nebeker, Westminster College, Fr.

Jake Schuit, Western Washington University, Jr.
Bryce Vankooten, Biola University, Sr.
Michael Murphy, Augustana College, Sr.
Christopher Kelley, Montana State University, Sr.

Ismael Thornz-Mendez, San Jose State University, Fr.
Dan Snell, Southern Oregon University, Sr.
[COLOR=Green][B]Steve Ruane, UNC-Charlotte, So.[/B][/COLOR]
Josh Gronvold, Harding University, Sr.

Faceoff Specialist
Travis McCarthy, University of Montana, Jr.

Defensive Specialist
Steve Wheeler, Colorado School of Mines, So.

Noah Symington, Western Washington University, So.

Third Team
Nic Michaelson, University of St Thomas, So.
Cody Hart, Alberston College of Idaho, Sr.
Sam Cameron, University of Montana, Fr.
Benjamin Agadoni, Biola University, Jr.
Matt Lynch, Framingham St College, So.

[COLOR=DarkRed][B]Barrett Risley, Elon College, Sr.[/B][/COLOR]
Kent Lighthall, Creighton University, So.
Brandon Riley, Harding University, Jr.
Lucas Murrillo, UC Santa Cruz, Fr.

Zach Kessler, Westminster College, Jr.
David Dombrowski, University of New Haven, So.
Travis Nelson, Southwestern University, Sr.
Mike Zoellner, Creighton, So.
Emanuel Figlia, San Jose State University, So.

Brett Bird, Westminster College, Fr.
Erick Arabia, UC Santa Cruz, Jr.

[COLOR=Black][B]Seth Jones, Savannah College of Art and Design, Grad.[/B][/COLOR]
Jimmy Shirley, UC Irvine, Jr.

Honorable Mention
Dan Riecks, D, Fort Lewis, So.
Trent Noonan, D, Colorado School of Mines, Jr.
Stephen Grelle, G, Missouri-Rolla, So.
Gaetano Falcone, FOGO, St Louis University, Sr.
Rob Holub, FOGO, University of New Haven, So

[B]2007 MCLA Academic All-America Awards[/B]

The MCLA recognizes individual playing and academic excellence with Academic All America awards - Candidates must appear on their respective Conference’s First or Second all Conference Team and posses a cumulative GPA of 3.2 (on a 4.0 scale) for the most recently completed term of study.

Note: Letter in parentheses is Division of School

Adam MacAllister – University of Pittsburgh
Andrew Brochu - Baylor University
Anthony Libera – University of Minnesota
Barrett Boody - Wheaton College
Ben Loefke – University of Buffalo
Benjamin Agadoni – Biola University
Brett Bird – Westminster College
Bryce Vankooten – Biola University
Chris Cook - Northeastern University
Cody Hart - Albertson College of Idaho
Conor Mullaney - Creighton University
Craig Sini – Northerastern University
Curtis Manning - Simon Fraser University
Dan Crissafulli - University of New Hampshire
Dane Johnson - University of Minnesota
Daniel Riddle - Sonoma State University
David Diehl - Michigan State University
David Fritzinger - Bethel University
[COLOR=DarkRed][B]David Gouldey - Virginia Polytechnic Institute(A)[/B][/COLOR]
Dennis Sukholutsky - University of Texas
Derek Baynton - Michigan State University
Douglas G. Sutherland – University of Illinois
Eammon Brady - University of Pittsburgh
[COLOR=DarkRed][B]Easton Rogers - Virginia Polytechnic Institute(A)[/B][/COLOR]
Eric Rakoczy – University of Illinois
[COLOR=Olive][B]Garrett Simmer - Georgia Institute of Technology(A)[/B][/COLOR]
Gavin Walsh - Salem State College
Grant A. Kelam – Lindenwood University
Ismael Mendez - San Jose State University
Jeffrey Steitz - Saint Louis University
Jeremiah Gagnon - University of New Haven
Joey Julius - University of St Thomas
[B][COLOR=Black]John Healy – Savannah College of Art and Design/COLOR[/B]
John R. Gainey – University of Illinois
[COLOR=Green][B]John Metcalf - UNC-Charlotte(B)[/B][/COLOR]
Joseph A. Dodson – University of Illinois
Kent Lighthal - Creighton University
Kyle Pydynkowski - Worcester Polytechnic Institute
[COLOR=DarkRed][B]Lance Dunning - Florida State University[/B][/COLOR][B]COLOR=DarkRed[/COLOR][/B]
Mark Hammitt - University of Michigan
Mark Swoboda- Santa Clara University
Matt Wuerffel _ Pacific Lutheren University
Matt Ziebol - University of Minnesota-Duluth
Matthew R. Schaller - University of Missouri
Michael Shearman - University of Michigan
Mike Larson - Western Washington University
Owen Lipp - University of Buffalo
Pat McGrath - Fort Lewis College
Paul D. Arendt – University of Illinois
Peter Drake - Whitman College
Peter Roher - University of Minnesota
Philip Keebler - Sonoma State University
Riley Turchetti - Michigan State University
Rob Holub - University of New Haven
[COLOR=DarkOrange][B]Rob Lombard - University of Florida(A)[/B][/COLOR]
Ross Jensen - Augustana College
Ryan Kaufman - University of Michigan
Ryan Kelly - University of Buffalo
Ryan Trautman - Bethel University
Scott Miller - University of Oregon
Scott O’Connor - Colorado School of Mines
[COLOR=DarkRed][B]Sean Simmons - Virginia Polytechnic Institute(A)[/B][/COLOR]
[COLOR=Black][B]Seth Jones - Savannah College of Art and Design(B)[/B][/COLOR]
Stephen Grelle - University of Missouri-Rolla
Steve Wheeler - Colorado School of Mines
Thomas Graff Jr. - University of Missouri-Rolla
[COLOR=DarkRed][B]Tim Tyrell - Virginia Polytechnic Institute(A)[/B][/COLOR]
Timothy Thacher – Claremont University
Tom Lauria - University of Minnesota-Duluth
Trent Noonan - Colorado School of Mines
William James - Texas A&M University
[COLOR=DarkRed][B]William Rogers - Virginia Polytechnic Institute(A)[/B][/COLOR]
Zach Kessler – Westminster College
Zachary A. Pashea – Lindenwood University

Congrats to all the players on their great season!

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Does Virginia Tech really play as VPI in SELC?

Does Virginia Tech really play as VPI in SELC?

Officially, i think so. But to everyone else they’re Virginia Tech.