Lacrosse National Championships

The field for the MCLA National Championship tournament is going to be announced on Sunday at 10pm EST. The Niners are currently #15 in the poll(largest jump in the rankings this season by any team), with the last rankings coming on Sunday as well.

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Charlotte is coming off their best season ever at 9-3(5-0).

Use the thread to discuss the Niners chances or the tournament in general.

when you gona find out if you made it? or do you basically kno already - idk how the lax deal works

We know that there is a very small chance of us getting an At-Large bid. And the only reason for that is due to our weak conference.

In Division A:

(1) Brigham Young
(16) Texas A&M

(8) Arizona
(9) Boston College

(5) UCSB
(12) Georgia

(4) Michigan
(13) Northeastern

(6) Minnesota-Duluth
(11) Sonoma State

(3) Oregon
(14) Lindenwood

(7) UMD
(10) Arizona State

(2) Colorado State
(15) Florida

Division B:

(1) St. Johns(MN)

(8) Harding
(9) W. Washington

(5) Dayton
(12) UC Irvine

(4) St. Thomas

(3) Montana

(6) N. Colorado
(11) Calvin College

(7) Emory
(10) Ft. Lewis

(2) Westminster