Lady Niners host #6 Duke, Saturday

Big, BIG opportunity for the women and an even BIGGER opportunity for Niner Nation to show up and make some noise to hopefully give a very young Duke team some trouble. Niners haven’t beaten a top-10 team since 1997, so this would definitely be a win that could put Charlotte on the women’s basketball map. WHO’S GONNA BE THERE??

Also, if you haven’t seen the women play yet, they are very exciting. They know how to do the little things like pass for an open shot and set screens and get rebounds and they run a mean fast break. Turn over teams alot and get out and run, very fun to watch when they’re on. Come show your support Niner Nation!

To me, this is the marquee game tomorrow. The Lady Niners are well coached and have a good chance to make some noise this year.

I saw them play on Tuesday and was surprised that they play full court press for pretty much the whole way through the game. Lots of energy and a few facepalm moments, but they’re fun to watch.

Letting N.C. A&T take over Halton to end last season was an embarrassment to Niner Nation. Don’t let this happen again tomorrow!

Kind of a bummer that I have to work tomorrow evening or else I would check 'em out. And yes, this game is actually the headliner out of the two games…

I am very impressed with our team’s mastery over the fundamentals of the game. They play smart basketball.

Is admission free with a mens season ticket? Is that what doubleheader means or just time-wise?

It’s the same ticket.

Thank you

It’s the same ticket.[/quote]

I wonder which Niner team our AD would choose to win if she was given the choice of one Niner team winning and one Niner team losing.

Hate I am out of town and will miss this game. A victory today could be a springboard for the program. This is going to be a big year. GO NINERS!!!

Nice comment, C-pip. Scott was only off by 5 years!

It was Piptacular!

Here is a REAL preview of today’s games:

After a down season a year ago, a win over Duke would put the 49ers on a fast track to the NCAA Tournament, and hopefully a Top 25 ranking.
18-14 was a [b]down[/b] season? Eight consecutive post-season bids is being down? If anything they've been damn consistent while playing a better schedule, it's more difficult to get at-large bid for the men than the women. Damn, whoever wrote that was being tough.

2009-10, 18-14
2008-09, 23-9
2007-08, 18-14
2006-07, 19-13
2005-06, 21-9
2004-05, 22-9
2003-04, 17-14
2002-03, 21-9
2001-02, 16-13
2000-01, 10-18

I guess from 23-9 it is.

BEAT DOOK!! Opportunity? When NINERS face opportunity, what happens?

Couldn’t hit our FT’s, couldn’t get boards, had a million turnovers, & Duke got the majority of foul calls, & we still almost won, despite being outnumbered 8-5.

Hell Duke 43 pushed all game. One play in the 1st 1/2 after a missed Charlotte FT, Duke 43 slung Charlotte 5 to the ground going for a board, & NO CALL! WTF? >:D