Lady niners with 6 votes in the AP

Lady niners in the AP

'bout damn time!

i agree they deserve more respect than the guys

GO LADY NINERS! I think we need to start heading out to more girls games. I go to all of them being in the band, but I’d really like to see them be able to open the upper level for a few of the games cause thats how many people are going.

The lady Niners could win the NBA championship and there wouldn’t be enough fans going to fill up past the inner bowl.

Girl sports suck. The only reason I ever went to lady Niners games was because I got to play drums. Drums fun, girl sports not fun.

There was one womens home game last year where people had to sit in the upper level… I think it was TCU.

Speaking of TCU, now THERE’S a school that supports its womens basketball team. They average about 3,000 fans per game. The conference tourney was there last year, and we had to play them in the 2nd round. The place was packed to the rafters with purple… very impressive.

I go to all the women’s games cause i am in the band. I probABlywouldn’t go to all of them if i were not in band, butI think everybody should go to at least one. With that being said, I also look forward to every women’s game. I do enjoy them, and i get excited about them and get down when we lose.

i went to the ETSU game, and plan on going to a few more

[i]Originally posted by Sideshow[/i]@Dec 14 2004, 08:31 AM [b] Drums fun, girl sports not fun. [/b]