Lambert on Wake Up Call 7-19-18

That is an oxymoron.

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You beat me to the joke.

clt says click and listen. We need to support the team

hate to say it but he looks and sounds like a deer in the headlights.

Sadly , fired coach walking.

5 wins and he’s back

i do not agree. hill knows lambert sucks and has not produced. he is not judy. he is not happy with 5 wins and poor recruiting. he would have to win maybe 8 games to have a chance to keep his job.

Lambert seems like his cat just died or he’s jut getting over the flu. He’s a beaten dog. Unless the new coordinators work some magic, I don’t see us winning more than 3 games and Lambert will be gone. Will be excited to see what kind of coach Hill will bring in for football.

I agree. I think both Hill and Lambert know that he’s lucky to still even be here. Although 6 wins seems like a daunting task, it’s bowl or bust imo. Hell, even then, I am not 100% sure that would even save his job if Hill already has a coach in mind and truly wants to build the programs his way (which I have no problem with).

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If Mike Hill doesn’t fire Lambert, no matter what he does this season, he is a shitty AD.

Lambert should have a big grin on his face all day long. This is his farewell tour, and we are giving him almost $700, 000 - win or lose. In his 7 years here we have paid him as much money as most of us will make in our careers. The first 3-4 years he earned it.

If he gets this team to a bowl in year 4 of FBS ball he deserves to come back, if he doesn’t he should be canned. Simple as that.

If Brad can win six games with what he has recruited, he’s a fantastic coach and should be retained.

However I only see us beating Fordham. After that, with the possible exception of Western, and maybe UMASS, we will be outgunned in the field.

I fully expect us to lose our last six games in depressing fashion.

Even if we win six or more, I’m ready for Brad to go. I just think we can do much better.

Fantastic coach and Brad Lambert should never be in the same sentence.

Hill has stated numerous times that it is not just about a certain number of wins. There is no magic wand in Lambert’s arsenal that will fix recruiting at this point.

clt says lambert seems like a great guy. he will not be our coach on christmas tho

I actually hope that Lambert is our coach next year since that would mean that we win at least 6 games this year. I am tired of going and watching us lose that I do not want to lose just to get rid of Lambert. I hope we win every game to make Saturday’s at the field fun.

I think Lambert knows he is let go at the end of this season, and at his age and performance the last couple years, it might very well be his last D1 coaching job.