I’m going to consider this thread garbage. Since it should never have been started.

Seems we’ve come full circle, NLP and J Felt. You seemed so depressed in the shout box tonight. After being ridiculed J Felt, a man passionate about sarcasm, can only term me strange. He calls me confused about the message board. I don’t know anyone. I saw a pudgy picture of you from three years ago. You’ve aged a decade in that time.

NLP. How could you think I am a moderator? Talk about confused and obtuse.

2K you think I have personal problems. I do. Isn’t that that the plight of modern man? Please point out the person without personal problems and I’ll show you a corpse.

My whole point in starting this nonsense was to show you that you do own public space. I told you in the shout box that you had more to lose than I did. You denied it as you probably will again. If you are masochists J Felt and NLP then you have enjoyed the ridicule. J Felt you do not seem like you enjoy the abuse. You would like to give it out. You just are not that good at it. NLP you do seem like a masochist. So you’ve probably enjoyed it on some level.

Riveting tale, chap.

NLP and J Felt have just dried up. They don’t giggle anymore. They don’t have anything to say and are no longer amused or amusing.

These threads are embarrassing for NN.N. They make us look pathetic. The fact that we only have 15 regular posters and half these threads read like a hipster psychiatrist on an ibogaine trip does not look good for us.

Someone delete this garbage.