Landon mentions CLT and NVL as potential future sites for C-USA hoops tourney

Thundering Herd beat writer Chuck Landon on the future of the C-USA basketball tournament after the current contract with the Star expires with the 2020-21 event. The Curb Event Center he mentions is the 5,000 seat on campus arena of Belmont University.

Nashville is a lot more convenient for many teams to travel than Frisco, TX. I’ve been to Nashville several times over the last few years and personally find it a little over rated.

The SEC tournament would be the same weekend in Nashville so getting a place to stay would be nearly impossible

But it’d give Mike Hill and the SEC some facetime to discuss our impending invitation. I don’t think Nashville is too small to accommodate two basketball tournaments simultaneously.

Landon doesn’t mention anything about the Women’s tournament. Must it still be played in the same place, at the same time? Moving to 8 teams surely makes that easier.

Playing in a 5000 seat arena really helps to put the tournament into perspective. The idea of hosting it in Charlotte, and using the Spectrum Center seems silly. If we can host this in Halton we should put our name in the hat.

Independence Arena-with the women in Halton. There isn’t any real reason to have both tournaments in the same building.

just a chance to draw those few extra fans to the womens game that are there to watch the men. If I was in from out of town to watch the men play I would watch the womens games too if I was already there. And with the reduced number of teams, there would be time enough to get them all in