Late baseball draft day - help me with keepers!


We are having our auction draft absurdly late this season (we almost canceled the whole season).

I can keep 7. The format below is Name-Pos- $-Contract.We use standard 3 yr contracts where A= year 1 and C = year 3. I can exercise options on some of these guys, but I need to decide who I am keeping first. Our budget is $180 for 16 roster slots so an average player cost is $11, though average players tend to go for $8-$10 due to all the high end spending on stars.

I’ve whittled my roster down to:

Name-Pos- $-Contract
[ul][li]M. Prado-1B/2B/3B-6-C;[/li]
[li]C. McGehee-3B-1-C;[/li]
[li]M. Byrd-OF-5-B;[/li]
[li] M. Holliday-OF-32-B;[/li]
[li]I. Desmond-SS-10-B[/li]
[li]H. Bailey-P-20-B[/li]
[li] C. Carpenter-P-20-C [/li]
[li] J. Cueto-P-10-B[/li]
[li] J. A. Happ-P-12-B[/li]
[li] H. Street-P-3-B[/li]
[li] C. Capuano-P-2-B[/li]
[li] J. Karstens-P-4-B - rotation spot not guaranteed, but pitching well[/li]
[li] K. Lohse-P-2-B[/li]
[li] C. Narveson-P-4-B[/li][/ul]

A couple of the names above are really good players, but I am wondering about value. For instance, Homer Bailey is pitching really well right now, but $20? Carpenter is an elite arm, WHEN healthy… and he isn’t pitching like he is yet.

What sucks is that I had all these value pitchers for 2 start weeks. These were my scrubs, and they are actually pretty damn good in 2 startt weeks. My league values K’s.

One of the toughest decisions I make every year is to either go cheap and try to buy some stars (e.g.Cut Holliday, though he is beasting right now), and focus on pitching or hitting? Is Ian Desmond’s SB power (Head to head not 5x5) really worth $10 @ SS? I like McGehee and Prado because they can play multiple positions, but unless I cut salary, they’re going to be my starters @ 1B & 3B, which really eats into their value.

I have done absolutely nothing to get ready this year and it shows. I have no idea whats going on in the NL this season.

I should have said that due to their production vs cost: Prado ($6), Street ($3) and Lohse ($2) are locks. That leaves only 4 spots for the other 10 players.
Couple others that I am favorable to, but I want some outside opinions first.

Drop those scrubs and pick up Andy Van Slyke, Edgar Martinez, John Olerud, Paul Molitor, Ruben Sierra, Ron Gant, Will Clark, Bob Tewksbury, Jack McDowell, and David Cone.

You’re welcome.

Hard to say w/o knowing the values of other players or knowing who you may be able to pick up if you drop somebody.

If the values are based off of last year’s stats, I’d try to get Jurjens with Atlanta and Kershaw with LA. Hanson with Atl could have good value too, based off of last year’s #s.

On offense maybe Berkman in StL. Pence in Hou. Matt Kemp in LA.

Just throwing out some names that aren’t traditionally known all stars.