LaTech Report calls Frisco CUSA "Forever Home"

SLAM DUNK‼️ Tremendous tournament by @ConferenceUSA!

Judy took risk with #HoopsAtTheStar & proved doubters wrong pulling it off with flying colors.

Phenomenal experience for all at @thestarinfrisco. First class all around.

C-USA :basketball: has found our forever home. #ForeverFrisco

Please no, it could be tolerable without the joke of the curtain. But the current set up is offensive

Is Frisco central to CUSA? I thought the setup looked horrible. However, for this crap conference maybe it is the best they can do.

The pictures with the curtain looked incredibly odd, but no one who was there seems to be complaining yet. Guess there was more to it that brought the event together.

Let me be clear that this is bullshit spin. It was a joke and I don’t want my school to ever be part of it. It’s embarrassing.

Not only is the setup embarrassing, it is dumb to have the tournament in an area that is most convenient to the fanbases with the fewest basketball fans.

If that tournament were in Nashville, Charlotte, Birmingham, Asheville, and maybe even Norfolk, that final game would have had 8,000+ fans on hand. In Frisco, there were probably fewer than 1000 people in total attendance.

We could have had a big time atmosphere on television for our final game. Instead we ended up looking like a high school basketball game.

I think the previous year champs should host and get the revenue. Give a little incentive to be good.

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I totally agree NN, the fact that it is in Frisco, TX which is no where near central to any CUSA teams outside of those in Texas is a joke.
The curtain was an even bigger joke. The fact that they give Judy credit for it makes me laugh but also makes me realize why the setup and location are so awful

I know it’s a touchy subject but until we have the success to draw the interest of a better conference it just makes sense for the sunbelt & conference usa to swap some teams & make two regional conferences. I am not saying that as an ultimate goal for us. Just saying if we are going to be stuck in a crappy conference short term I would prefer it be one where regional rivalries can develop. That is hard to do when there are very few fans or alumni of opposing schools for hundreds of miles. Travel costs alone almost justify this happening. Probably won’t happen because it makes too much sense.

I give up. I’m not even kidding. Bring on USC Upstate and Johnson & Wales. Its better than this crap.

When the biggest story nationally coming out of your tournament is a coach referring to the TV sideline reporter as “Honey” during a postgame interview, then I guess you need some positive spin!