Latest on Kelvin Price - future heavyweight champ


I believe Coach Lutz was the coach who emailed the writer. We need to do the same. I think his email address is

Nice find Lefty. GO GET 'EM KP!!! :49ers:

Go KP! What I wouldn’t give to be cut like that. He’s a beast.

Chisox - did you ever see him play? Not huge numbers, but he really brought an attitude that we haven’t had at Center since. He believed in the Barkley philosophy - if you’re gonna dunk, go hard. His two handers rattled the gym!

One of my favorite Niners!! Best of luck to KP!!!

Favorite big man in my history with the school (him and Demarco)…we haven’t been the same since. My favorite was his post up spin move dunk. Simple post up, quick spin around the defender for a two hand dunk…did it all the time.

I heard on sprints he used to walk or light job the beginning and go so hard to finish to beat the time just because he was that fast.

I heard he once Kelvin Price stepped into quicksand. The quicksand couldn’t escape and nearly drowned.

Chisox - did you ever see him play?

Yeah man, in fact he was one of the first Niners I can remember seeing play. Dude was definitely a beast!

He was really coming into his own towards the end of his senior season. Damn, damn shame he got sick versus Oklahoma.