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The Good News: We’d get to play at the Coliseum

The Bad News: We’re in the 8/9 game.

The Interesting News: Our 1st opponet is Texas A & M. UAB is out.

I know this doesn’t mean anything at this point in the season, but it’s fun conjecture anyway.

Projecting the seeds

No way they’re gonna let an 8/9 seed play at home. You can forget that scenario.

It cannot be said enough how important it was for us to win Wednesday night. While it may not appear like a big win to the casual college b-ball fan, it could go a long way in terms of our potential tourney bid should we find ourselves, along with UAB, in that dangerous waters group. Hopefully we erase all doubt with some more nice road wins.

[i]Originally posted by lucky57[/i]@Jan 14 2005, 11:02 PM [b] No way they're gonna let an 8/9 seed play at home. You can forget that scenario. [/b]
Correct. I think it's even in the rules that a top 4 seed can't be placed at a potential "home court disadvantage" at any point during the sub-regionals and regionals.

Ohhhh, how sweet it would be though. We’d finally get a break.

We got placed in Greenville against ND a couple of years ago. We were a 9 seed, I believe. I’m sure ND thought that was a bit of a home advantage for us. Not the same is IN Charlotte though. I think the 1 seed was Duke.

If we’re in the 8/9 game, I foresee us playing in Nashville or Cleveland. Let’s just hope we’re not in the 8/9, period. I’d rather be a 10-12 seed any day.

[i]Originally posted by jcl49er[/i]@Jan 15 2005, 08:58 AM [b] I'd rather be a 10-12 seed any day.


With 17 teams from “Low Major” conferences (those who only get conference champs into the field), it’d be difficult for the Niners to get lower than 12, ever. And being from a major conference, if you get in short of a very bad regular season and a miracle championship in the tournament, I see very little way for the Niners to both get in AND be lower than a 10. The 11s and 12s tend to be major conference schools that just barely squeeked in, or champs from mid-majors. That’s why there are so many upsets in 12-5 games. Of course, that’s just my opinion.

[b]I see very little way for the Niners to both get in AND be lower than a 10[/b]
I started to ask that very question last night. I believe you're exactly right.
[i]Originally posted by Mike_Persinger+Jan 15 2005, 10:08 AM-->
[b]QUOTE[/b] (Mike_Persinger @ Jan 15 2005, 10:08 AM)

It’s all about matchups when it comes to tournament games. Personally I’d love a 6 seed, but that would require at least a 13-3 conf record and an appearance in the final game of the conf tournament. We had a great match up advantage against the Tarholes a few years ago and almost pulled off the upset. Had we won that game we would have had a great shot at the elite 8. Look at UAB, Alabama and Xavier last year…their red hot play and favorable style against their opponents carried them deep into the tournament. We just need to dictate play rather than play into our opponents strengths…this is why we let lesser opponents hang around in games.