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I’m going to offer up a suggestion to see how it goes over with the rest of you.

Disclosure: I enjoy reading the forum I will be referencing, and will continue to occassionally post there.

I suggest, at least until round about Thanksgiving (or perm) remove the lastest thread box on the left side of the main page. My reason for this is the largely disproportionate number of politically-natured threads on the board. With Midnight Madness approaching and the start of the basketball season, there’s a good chance more people will be stumbling across the board looking for Niner basketball news. Upon coming to this site, that’s not what you might suspect, based on all the threads in the politics forum. It’s only going to get worse as the election approaches, and will continue likely several weeks after the election. I think this might be a serious deterrant to potential new members to the community.

Those that do post and read in that forum, like myself, should already know where it is. Those that don’t, need not worry. Those that don’t and want to will find it in no time at all.

Yeah, if I were new to the board, I think I would be turned off by the politics board. Serious hate going on over there.

all you should have to do is just not make the political forum posts qualify for the latest threads query. you shouldn’t have to turn it off completely.

[i]Originally posted by Anborn[/i]@Oct 13 2004, 03:22 PM [b] all you should have to do is just not make the political forum posts qualify for the latest threads query. you shouldn't have to turn it off completely. [/b]
Unfortunately, with this software, it's all or nothing. You can't select which forum to pull the info from for the "Latest Threads" block. It either has to be enabled or disabled.

Personally, I’m torn on the issue. On one hand, I agree with the orginal poster and think that it’s a turnoff to people who visit the board for the first time. But on the other, I do check out the “Latest Threads” block when I first log on to the site to see if any new Niner-related threads/posts have been made.

Politics are in high gear right now so it’s obviously going to be a hot topic. But with Midnight Madness cranking up this week, it can conflict with what this site’s focus is, which is Niner athletics.