We are missing the leadership and I was really hoping Curtis can carry the load, but it doesn’t look like it is happening. We really need someone to do the job.

Personally, I do not like Plavich’s defense and how he shoots those 3s like there is no tomorrow, however, I really miss him because whenever we are losing, I always get this feeling from Plavich

“It is ok, I can shoot us back into the game and we will win”

I feel that because he shows a lot of passion when he plays and he doesn’t seem to lose confidence when we are losing. (Maybe I am wrong on this, but at leaset this is how I feel everytime I watch them play)

What is leadership?

Leadership is when your ball team is down by 10, you step up and tell them “Don’t panic, we will be ok because I got your back.”

Leadership is when your teammates are frustrating, you step up and tell them “We can still win this game, let’s calm down and find good shot selections”

Leadership is someone who can make their teammates feel confident all the time and make them play their potential/expectation.

Do you rather to have a Curt that scores 20ppg with no leadership skill or a Curt that can only score 10ppg but able to light up the whole team?

I choose the one that can light up the team, because this will be the key for us to step up to the next level in college basketball.

PS. Someone please pass this to our “Team Leader”

You make a great point there, Walaboom.

The sad part is that Curtis has everything in place to be a GREAT leader. He says all the right things, has a great work ethic, and is mature beyond his years. Throw in the fact that he’s a gold medal winning Olympian and you’ve got a guy that commands a great deal of respect on that team.

Stay tuned.

I Think we may see Curts leadership example start to emerge. He’s stepping up big time for us tonight.

No leadership on this team at all. Someone needs to step in up, and NOW.