Lease Takeover Needed!!!

I need a girl student at UNCC to take over my lease in July of 2019. I am going to transfer schools and cannot stay where I am but have already signed the lease.
It is a bedroom and bathroom space in a four bedroom four bathroom condo located in the gated 49 North Complex. Amenities include, gym, stand up tanning, pools and sand volley ball court. The room comes furnished with a dresser, a desk/chair, and the bed frame/mattress.
I am willing to pay all transfer fees and the first months rent.
I only pay $577 a month which is the cheapest place and it is super close to the main entrance of the college on 49.

I have attached some of the generic pictures to show the layout of the condo and the complex it’s self. Also there is a picture of the specific room you will move into.

IMPORTANT NOTE: resident must be a student and has to be a girl due to roommate matching of the complex.

Contact me for more information.

***One of the current residents has a small emotional support dog she is super sweet and hasn’t cause any issues this past year.***

image image image image

I’d post this to r/UNCCharlotte as well.

What is that?

The subreddit for the University.

I recommend following JMT’s advice. This board has very few student posters and id wager that none of them are females.

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Don’t transfer. You’re a Niner. Problem solved.

My son had a lease there and he posted his on a board on campus I believe. If you want to move it quick like he needed to you could look at offering a small signing bonus. I believe he offered $200 or $400 signing bonus for someone to take it. It sucks, but better than being stuck in a lease. I will get more details from him today on exactly what he did.

What are y’all talking about? This board is chock full of female student posters.

I think you’re getting actual biological females confused with men who identify as lesbians trapped in male bodies.


clt asks if you have an electric car.

Did you just assume my gender?

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Sorry about that She…mish?

I got about $3.50.

How much for the floral shower curtain and the Trend laundry detergent?

Those have updated a lot since I lived there. I wonder if the walls are still paper thin? I learned to hate the song “Brown Eyed Girl” here. 4 girls lived next to us and the girl with brown eyes next to my room woke up to this song every single day!!

Every girl with brown eyes thinks that song is about them.
I had a buddy that used this to his advantage at karaoke nights or places with jukeboxes. Dude was truly an artist, a next level thinker.

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so how much would you be willing to give up to rent that pad again?

If I had to listen to that song as an alarm clock every day I’d shoot myself.

Some guys feel like girls, is that okay too? Or do you discriminate?