Little Lefty Part 2 has Arrived!

Little Lefty 2 is here! Born Thursday at 3:55. Name is Landon.

Congrats Lefty!!

WOW! Congrats!!! I bet it was a nice surprise since he came a couple of days early.

Congrats Todd!

Congrats on the second one! No excuse for missing Saturday’s game now.

His boys can STILL swim!!! Way to go Lefty!!! :baby: Get the passie ready!!!

Congrats Todd…can always use another Niner fan in the world. Go ahead and get that kid fitted for a jersey!

Good job Lefty!!!

Congratz Lefty. :thumbsup:

Nice work.

Awesome. Niner Nation has just gained another member!

Sweeet! More Niners = better world :slight_smile:

congrats. Was it as good as the first time around?

[b]Was it as good as the first time around? [/b]

Are you talking about the kid or sex?

Reverend congratulates you Lefty! Keep up the good work!

I knew one of you gutter dwellers would ask that :lol:

That’s great! Congratulations and get some sleeping pills!!

Thanks guys! We appreciate it. Little Lefty Landon (LLL) and mom are doing well. He tipped the scales at 7-13 and 19 inches. PG no doubt. :smiley:

And yeah, I thought the few days early would get me to the game. Nope…says the wife. We won’t get home until Sat afternoon. Pull it through without me. Glad I found the PC with internet hook-up. :smiley:

Lefty could take part in the first ever chat sesson from a birthing center. :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats, Lefty. Langston will be reporting the early commitment for the class of 2023 tomorrow. :stuck_out_tongue:


Congrats and best wishes to the Lefty family!