Long Beach State drops "49ers" nickname


We are now the only NCAA 49ers as far as I know, and apparently, it makes us racist.




Talk about name confusion. Along with Sharks and Stingrays, “Go Beach,” or “no mascot at all” was a finalist for the new mascot. The school’s athletic programs will continue to use the “Beach Athletics” moniker, while the baseball team will retain its longstanding informal nickname of the “Dirtbags.”


Quick, somebody change our web page to state that we are named after the highway and we should be okay.

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So, when are the teams named Vikings going to drop their name? We all know what the Vikings did in their day.


clt says people forget that sharks kill people

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Michigan State take note:


What about Southern Cal? The Trojans? Right. The Fighting Condoms!


Clt is a specisist.


Well, having a unique D-I mascot at Long Beach State didn’t last long with the merger of the D-I LIU Brooklyn (Blackbirds) and D-II LIU Post (Pioneers) athletic programs!