Looking for a new mattress


Went with this one, based on reviews and talking to my Mother-in-law who has a twin version.



Return it. This didn’t take nearly as long as your house purchase or even your leaf blower. I don’t like this decisive version of 2k.

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Original Mattress Co and Original Mattress Factory one in the same?



I wouldn’t skimp on a mattress especially since you spend at least ~1/3 of your day/life on it. Spend the extra few hundred dollars (or more) for better rest, comfort.

We tested out a few mattresses a few years ago after going with a cheap Simmons (not top of the line Black series). We tried iSeries Serta, which we thought was too firm/too plush in the models we tried. Multiple Simmons Beauty rest black lines although comfortable, way too expensive. We found a good fit between comfort and affordability in the Sterns and Foster Lux estate line. We ultimately went bigger from queen to king and went with plush pillow as it was still firmer than the Simmons/Serta we tried. We paid 25% more than we planned but we get better rest, better sleep.

@Agent49 . so not sure if you bought yet but that’s my recommendation :slight_smile:



clt still recommends a water bed



Had mine in the '80’s. Free Flow…loved it.
Miss it. Especially in the Winter when I could crank up the heat.



Wife and I delayed buying a new mattress for two years. After buying a Casper, we regret that decision a great deal. It took about two weeks for us to get used to a Casper, but we love it. The only complaint that I could see people having against a Casper is that it’s slightly hotter than a normal mattress. I’m a warm natured person and it has not affected my sleep. I’ll also say that the back pain that I had for the past year is gone. Who would’ve thought a $200 mattress would eventually hurt your back? Haha