Looking to buy Bitcoin

If you are interested in making money I will buy bitcoin from you for 10% more than the price it is sold at on Coinbase.

clt asks you to explain bitcoin. How does it have any value without an institution backing it?

How come? serious question.

Is there anyone else on the board that believes crypto currency is complete garbage that contributes to the proliferation of cybercrime and should be banned completely until such time as the anonymity aspect of it is removed?


You could say the exact same thing about paper and coinage. You want to ban those too?

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clt says buy aal and rivn!


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I see Cryptocurrency as the next wave of innovation. Back in the late 90s it was stated you could not make money on the internet. Also, illegal activities were the first to take advantage of the internet. Look where we are at now.

Maybe the answer is to solve anonymity, but now is the time to consider if you want to be part of the future. It is a risk, but something I am willing to take.

I do not own Bitcoin but do have other Crypto investments that I am still doing well on.

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Cyber criminals are not demanding payment in paper and coinage. Crypto currency and its anonymous nature has driven the rise of ransomware which has, is and will continue to hurt companies and people across the globe.


Holy crap… lol.

That’s gotta suck

Bitcoin was created in 2009 so if it is so revolutionary why aren’t there more practical uses today? Largely useless.

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Have long suspected this was the biggest pyramid scheme in history, but mostly kept that thought to myself.

Seems to require a bigger sucker than you to liquidate. Kind of the definition.


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