LSU Coach John Brady Calls Charlotte Cinderella

I was watching the MSG network on Directv and they have a show called March Madness The Road to No. 1. John Brady was on there and picked Charlotte as his Cinderella. He mentioned how good of a coach Lutz is and that Charlotte would be up for the game since it was NC State. Tim Brando commented that it would be like another state school in Louisiana playing LSU and that LSU would have nothing to gain but everything to lose. Brady agreed but added that in this case the other team (Charlotte) has good players.

Imediately after that, Marques Johnson picked NC State as his cinderella. :frowning:

Haha…I remember some people picking us last year to be Cindarella after beating 3 top 10 teams that year. It’s nice to be talk about as a Cindarella. I just hope we can be Cindarella.

Butch Pierre is an assistant coach at LSU. Before that, he was an assistant at Charlotte for Melvin Watkins.

I am aware of Butch. The word down here is that Butch is in line for the Tulane opening.

Cinderella, huh? I hope the boys found the shoe they lost since the Cards game. Just because it would be awkward to show up at the “dance” with only one shoe. And, we all knew the outcome on the following games.

Hire him, Tulane will be guaranteed to be splitting the best recruits in the state with LSU, and there are a lot of good ones down there.

Well, I’ll tell ya, Wolfpack, you better “beware” of this Cinderella… :stuck_out_tongue: