Lucas Taylor - 2021 SG - committed to Wake Forest

Wow! Had resigned myself to the “fact” that we probably weren’t going to offer but glad to be wrong about that. Nice surprise! :+1:


O’Brien’s observation from this weekend at the Phenom Hoops’ Summer Havoc:

Number 9 in latest Hoop Seen state rankings:

Will announce his commitment on October 9th at 6pm.

With less than 48 hours before his announcement, this from Brian Snow:

If he choses Davidson, he is dead to me.

can’t think why on earth he would want to join davidson over us?

From The State in Columbia:

FWIW, 247 and Rivals are predicting Clemson.

Based on “relationships with head coaches” and who he thinks will play him more. Will make someone a nice transfer in a couple years, the marriage being less fun than the honeymoon. I suppose this is a typical attitude nowadays, but can you imagine being an upperclassman and having a freshman come in expecting to start right away?

to be fair to him, he probably just wants to develop more. he seems like a determined man, i can respect that type of attitude.

Brad Brownell had been at Clemson for 10 years, and has a losing conference record. He might have an overall losing record if he did not schedule enough OOC creampuffs every year to start the season. I guess playing in the ACC is a powerful draw, even if you are not ever relevant.

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I might hate the ACC but you go to an ACC school and even a losing one get to play some absolutely legendary programs in some of college basketballs most recognized buildings and a ton of TV coverage. It sucks but if the ACC comes calling it’s hard to say no.

Didn’t read anything about Taylor expecting to start as a freshman and he acknowledges upperclassman John Newman’s role in the SG position. The latter appeared in every game as a frosh, making one start. As a sophomore, Newman was the only Tiger to start every game last year. Seems like the two have a pretty good relationship.

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… and now he is in the transfer portal.

To get PT under Forbes, seems one has to pretty much transfer in.