Lutz Leaving the 49ers

Ok, this is my rant -

Why the H_ll do these morons start talking about Lutz as a prospective coach everytime the post-season rolls around!!?!

Shut up about it. Andy Katz doesn’t know what the h_ll he is talking about - so how would anybody else? There is no point is speculation - ITS USELESS.

I understand the ‘Watkins’ paranoia - but good grief - its been 7 years - move on to ‘why Iti stuggles in the low post’ or ‘Curtis could drop 40 on NCFarmSchool’s weak inside’

Talk about this when his contract is up…in 2008/2009. Whatever - this won’t stop anything - talk about what you want too. Lutz ain’t leaving - and if he does nobody on these boards knows or can predict anything. We will be the last to know.

ok…this is about the 5000000 post on this topic…

Can an Admin merge all the 500000000000 topics contain stuff about Bobby Lutz and other jobs?