Lutz Live Audio

Thanks again to LutzFan for doing the recording…


A Lutz Live mp3 for out of towners is the best thing since sliced bread. Thanks!

also mirrored on my site, with the 2 previous ones, at LutzFan = the mackdaddy!!!

Thanks again for the audio. 'preciate it.

I was having to work so this is perfect for me since I wasn’t able to listen to it earlier, thanks a lot for doing this.

Thanks. Excellent show again. That was my insightful internet question of the week. :o

Biggest surprise: Mitch’s pg play
Need to improve on: Defense and Iti playing better.

Much thanks…

will give me something to listen to as the work day winds down later.

Thanks again. Will have to listen to later today before driving down to Charlotte.

No problem… I think Matt said there is only one more Lutz Live this year and that it will be after the season is over. I’ll make sure to get that one too… hopefully coach will be discussing our final four run. :smiley:

I’ve been able to hear it for the past 3 weeks now thanks to you Lutzfan. Appreciate the effort.

This is fantastic!!! Thanks very much!!!

I didn’t realize how much I missed listening to them since leaving CLT until grabbing LutzFans recordings. Easily a highlight of the week. You can never get enough Niner basketball!!!