LUTZ LIVE... The Curtain Call Photos

Late, but as promised here are photos from last night’s event. In keeping with proper procedure, there are 49 photos. Again thank you to everyone in attendance!

Oops, a double post.

Thanks for posting those HP. It was a memorable event for sure.

Well done as always William. I cant say enough how awesome that event was and how much Bobby deserved it. Thanks to everyone who came out and showed coach some love one last time!

That’s probably the only time I’ve ever seen coach not in some type of 49er gear. Weird.

I guess the 'stashe is gone for good. :frowning:

The moment above had to be awkward for Lutz.

This was a first class event you guys planned and executed. Wish I could have attended.

thanks for sharing the photos.

for the record…HP and William = same?

[quote=“NinerLove, post:17, topic:22894”]thanks for sharing the photos.

for the record…HP and William = same?[/quote]yessir

Great job guys…fabulous!

Thanks for everything. Wonderful idea and event. I’m sure Bobby was touched. Thanks for sharing pictures, especially for those of us that were unable to attend. Wish I could have been there!