Lutz Live Thursdays 7-8 at O'Charleys (610 AM) Lutz Live announcement

“Lutz LIVE!” returns to WFNZ SportsRadio 610, this Thursday. Head coach Bobby Lutz’ one-hour radio show will premier this Thursday and, again, will be broadcast live from O’Charley’s University location. Fans are encouraged to attend. Listen for Lutz LIVE! each week (usually Thursdays) on WFNZ SportsRadio 610 am

Consistent schedule for this year: 7-8 on Thursdays through March except for Thanksgiving and two conflicts in March.

If you can’t make it out to O’Charley’s…

Numbers to call - 704-570-9610
toll free - 866-570-9610

Sweet. I love LutzLive. Can’t wait to hear it.

Lefty you showing up for the season premier?

[i]Originally posted by MKNiner[/i]@Nov 10 2004, 11:33 AM [b] Sweet. I love LutzLive. Can't wait to hear it.

Lefty you showing up for the season premier? [/b]

Count on it. Lefty will be there. Let’s make it a NinerNation event. Everyone needs to show up to get the season started. Who’s in???

AGH! i have to work! :angry:

Is this going to be made into a coach show on C-Set? Or is there going to be a regular coaches show on C-Set?

is lutzlive on xm? if not, clt will not listen.

If it were almost anywhere else, I would never miss it. I cannot give any business to that establishment. Judging by the turnout over the past few years, many feel the same.

Tonight at 7. Students…you guys need to stop by if you can. Short walk/drive from campus. Make some noise!!!

Living on the southside means NO 610am…What a crappy signal.

He answered my email question:

Email the Coach

Lefty: With so much inside talent, have you added some new offensive sets to take advantage of it?

Coach Lutz: We’ve always had those you bozo. What do you think…we just shoot a bunch of threes. Basically, that’s what he said. :blink: :smiley: He said they’ve always had them, just haven’t had the guys recently that could convert. Will definitely do more this year. In Canada, guys had some problems finishing.

That’s something to keep an eye on. There are many spin-offs from each set. How often do we go inside and end up with a quality shot? Also, how well do we finish??? And we need the And ones!!! How many times did Curtis just miss last year when he was fouled.

Less than 24 hours!!!

Anybody other than 49erpi have a recap of Lutz Live?

Lutz Live tonight. Question of the day: Curtis or the Coach??? Someone should call-in the question. That’s what Lutz Live is for. I’ll be there.

There’s 49er specials tonight as well, plus a portion of sales tonight go toward the new Alumni Center … in case anyone cares.

Can you listen to this on the net?

[i]Originally posted by pcon[/i]@Dec 2 2004, 01:03 PM [b] Can you listen to this on the net? [/b]
I know you can't listen over the internet live. I wonder if they could have it available afterwards on the site.

BTW, notice the question I asked a few weeks ago.

Someone feel like providing a summary afterwards (por favor)?