Lutz on Fox Tonight

Think the show is called “Got Game” and it’s on Fox 18 at 10:30pm tonight. Promo just said that Bobby was tonight’s guest.

Yeah it’s hosted by this idiot that tells a terrible joke every three seconds. He usually does Panther players, so at least we’re getting some Charlotte attention. I remember earlier this year he had Nick Goings on there, and kept telling jokes and tried to be cunning and half the time Nick looked at him like “are you serious?”

Yeah, I hate that clown. Bobby was on there a month or so ago so this won’t be his first appearance. Didn’t seem to comfortable on the set with those idiots…can’t blame him.

Yeah, I noticed that Bobby was having a little bit of trouble speaking last time he was on the show. Really uncomfortable.

“Got Game” was just on at 5:00, not sure if it comes back on at 10:30. Nothing too much here, just standard fare. Talked about current situation with Mitch being out and who will step up, talked about Lee’s versatility, upcoming game with Cincy, and about how he kinda likes that the Niners don’t get a whole lot of national respect so we can fly under the radar.

During the Email part, someone Emailed saying that Bob Huggins was a jerk and asked if coach agreed. Coach talked about how Huggy is his best friend in the conference and is so calm off court you can barely hear him. Talked about how Huggy doesn’t like opposing fans, or even the media.

Actually Lutz was just on now, at 5:00. And the way they were talking I don’t think he’s gonna be on there tonight. Like we were saying, the show and the people on there are idiots. The one guy goes so Bobby, whats the dumbest question you’ve ever been asked…He’s like “I think that one…” Silence…

Dumb questions, didn’t help us out at all, it seemed to make Lutz nervous and un- easy the whole time. But I guess it’s still press we wern’t getting befor.

Yep, no Bobby on the 10:30 show. Didn’t miss much, anyway.