Lutz on in triad between 5-6p.m.

On my way home heard that Lutz was gonna be on a sports talk show in the triad(790 am) between 5-6 tonight,in case anyone here can get it.Interesting,the sports guy(it’s a relatively new show here,I don’t even know the guys name) in his intro,talked about the “rising” Charlotte program…and also…get this…talked about lots of rumors that N.C.STATE has already contacted Lutz (I still find that hard to believe) about their job for next year.1 thing i’ll say though…when a college basketball or football coach starts getting their name thrown out there a lot for different openings…usually they have some hand in it getting out there,and the fact that coach seems to be on the air a bit more…is interesting.

Triad Area 49ers, thanks for the reminder, lucky. Bobby’s on the air with 790 because I berated Marc Amazon about comments made about UNC Charlotte :ticked: to Bob Huggins on the air before the Wake Forest game. Through various emails and phone calls back and forth, delivery of a media guide, etc, I’ve convinced him that the 49ers were worthy of on-air discussion. Amazon is going to the game Saturday so hopefully a new media person will be on board.


Coach was a no show on the call in. They were pimping the call for 2 hours.

Amazon says he will start referring to us as UNC Charlotte again since Lutz stiffed him.

Quote from Mark Amazon at 790AM…after building up Lutz’ appearance on his show for almost 3 hours…WELL IT LOOKS LIKE I’VE BEEN STIFFED BY BOBBY LUTZ!!

Any clue why he was a no-show? Was he actually scheduled?

Amazon said he was going to ask him about the State job.
Amazon also had State’s play by play guy on and DIDN’t ask him about it.
If I’m Lutz I would have ducked the interview for this reason.
The show is very ACC oriented. I can see Amazon asking Bubby, “so what do you think about Wake’s chances?”


[b]Was he actually scheduled?[/b]
Bill Kimm scheduled him, it was confirmed early Monday afternoon. I'm sure there is a valid reason but it sure sounded bad on the radio.
[b]The show is very ACC oriented.[/b]
Duh! What would you expect being in the Triad, they go on the air the first Monday of 2005, no pro team in town to discuss (Panthers are done for the season) and that's the usual talk? Two days spent on recruiting and signing day this week with the WFU-Duke game thrown.

As for the NCSU job discussion, it’s not been mentioned on any of his shows I’ve heard. The only thing said is something like, “State needs this game.” Amazon and I had the “Charlotte-UNC Charlotte” name debate for at least 10 minutes last week. Unfortunately, his idea of Halton is from living in Ohio during the ice incident. Guess I’ve that one coming to me. B)