Lutz Talks about Bama

JJ’s got a new article at NinerReport…

Great stuff in there, souds like coach REALLY respects Alabama and is eager to beat them.

Lutz Talks about Bama

Coach Lutz: “The key to our success has been our balance. Different guys have led us in scoring, we’ve had five double figure scorers, not necessarily the same five guys, the last couple of games. Hopefully we’ll have that type of balance again.”

I’ve got a good feeling about this game!

I have seen two of their games on TV this year, including the East Tenn. game.
We cannot out gun them we have to be able to stop them.

The Baldwin v. Steele matchup should be worth the price of admission itself. I’m surprised noone else is talking about this yet.

Some interesting quotes from Baldwin in those recent stories. Apparently, he takes playing them one game at a time literally and is unaware of upcoming opponents and players. He’s ready now, though.

We haven’t clicked on all cylinders yet, hopefully tomorrow.