Lutz talks to Utter: 'New beginning'

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He has no long-term security, but coach says he’s ‘all in’ at [B][I]Charlotte[/I][/B]

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[b]What about long-term recruiting?[/b]

Bobby Lutz turned down a six-year, $300,000 per year deal at South Alabama to stay at Charlotte where he is working with a contract that expires in two seasons. Charlotte and Lutz seem happy he is staying in charge of the 49ers for now, but there’s some obvious tension there indicated by the lack of a commitment beyond the next two years on Charlotte’s part.

Sure, the incoming recruiting class might be in good shape – they’re signed. But it’s going to be tricky recruiting for 2008 and 2009 without a guarantee of stability. And wasn’t Lutz saying before that being in the A-10 without a natural rival was hampering recruiting? He may be able to restore Charlotte to where it was before conference realignment, but given the 49ers reality, that’s going to be an arduous task.

Link: Cincinnati. com - NCAA Hoops Blog

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