Lutz to be on MSP this morning

Just heard on the way into work that Coach Lutz is expected to call into the Morning Sports Page this morning. They didn’t say what time. I’ve got a busy work day scheduled, but if I get a chance to listen I’ll recap later.

bump, he’s on now. Already giving Gary a hard time about not being at the Houston game.

Lutz started off by apologizing to Gary for taking a personal shot at him for why he missed the Houston game. Both had a good laugh about it.

Then they spoke on the Saint Louis game and how we finally grabbed a win up there. Bobby said that a lot of people can’t understand why we never seem to win there but that it’s a tough place to play. He touched on the lack of ice under the court and the unusual warmth in the facility. He said he thought the pace of the game was fine but that Saint Louis just made some big shots. Said they had momentum going into overtime but Withers really stepped up. Jim asked Bobby about the comment he made about that being the best 49ers performance (Withers). He touched on some players of the past but said that since he’s been the head coach, what Withers did Saturday night was the best he’s seen.

Jim asked him about how they kept putting the camera/mic into the huddle and mentioned Bobby saying “We CAN’T give them the 3!!!” just before they drilled it to send it to overtime. He said they ran a screen play and that EJ/Curt failed to switch on defense, which made us indecisive. He said they pretty much faked the screen instead but that you have to give them credit for making the shot. Lutz talked about EJ’s missed free throw that could have put the game away but that we shot 80% for the game and that he certainly couldn’t complain about that.

Gary then brought up the DePaul game and said that in his opinion, it was bigger than the Cincy game. Lutz said it was huge and that they needed a huge crowd. Like he said in the paper, he again said he would be very disappointed if the crowd wasn’t great. He said he realizes Cincy is the glamour game but that this one is incredibly huge for us. He said he expects/hopes the students/alumni, as well as the community comes out to support us.

Gary mentioned that Lutz is on the front of Sports Weekly and Bobby (sarcastically) said that “I guess when you win games you start getting attention.”

That was pretty much the entire interview as Coach had to take off.

Sorry forD…didn’t mean to steal your thunder but I just started typing along with the interview in case you missed the segment.


  • talked about St Louis game and how Coach Lutz was surprised they played up-tempo against us. Said St. Louis always plays us tough. Coach couldn’t say enough good things about Curtis, especially since he was having to guard St. Louis’ bigger guys because of Nance being out and Iti being in foul trouble. With him still having the strength to make those moves and said he really stepped up hitting crucial ft’s. Coach said that was the best individual performance he has seen since he’s been a coach here.

  • don’t know if you guys not watching C-SET got to see this, but the C-SET camera was allowed in the last couple of timeouts. Jim & Coach Lutz talked about that and how in the timeout at end of regulation how Coach Lutz said not to allow the 3 and then they get the 3.

  • all blamed Gary for jinxing EJ on the line (before EJ’s ft shot, Gary said that EJ was our best free-throw shooter. EJ then misses the ft)

  • talked about DePaul game. Gary said Wed was huge, maybe bigger then Cinci. Coach Lutz said a couple of times that they need and expect a big crowd. He said he would be very disappointed if we do not get a big crowd. Said the team deserves it.

  • said Coach Lutz is in Carolina Sports Weekly (free). Coach Lutz played it down and said it was all because of his guys and it’s amazing how smart you look when your guys win.

  • Gary said he would be in the house Wed.

That was about it. For those of you that can listen to the MSP this morning, we’re getting a lot of air time.

[i]Originally posted by jcl49er[/i]@Feb 14 2005, 07:35 AM [b] Sorry forD...didn't mean to steal your thunder but I just started typing along with the interview in case you missed the segment. [/b]
No prob at all JCL, didn't think for a while that I'd be able to listen to it. Besides, I'm sure I missed some things.
[i]Originally posted by jcl49er[/i]@Feb 14 2005, 07:34 AM [b] Gary mentioned that Lutz is on the front of Sports Weekly and Bobby (sarcastically) said that "I guess when you win games you start getting attention." [/b]
Hmmm, Gary must think that Bobby resembles the front end of a Dodge Charger. At least that's what the cover for the online version is.

However, I did like one of Gary’s quote about Lutz on the golf course.

“He’d like to bite your leg off out there, but he’s such a gentleman about it.”

Did Gary talk about his “Bank of America ATM’s” line when Plav banked in the three? That was probably the worst play-by-play call in history! :lol:

Gdub’s still the man.