Lutz to State??

Seriously. First Moxley, now Lutz is rumored to be in the mix as an asst…


NC State boards are now saying that Moxley is in talks with Ga.Tech.
Lutz may be taking what yesterday looked like Moxleys spot.

WFNZ reporting Lutz to State as Assistant HC.

Happy for him if he wants to be closer to home (which im sure he does).

Although, kind of curious move. Lutz is not a recruiter. Dont think he liked it later in his career here and dont think he did it at Iowa St. He was helping Hoiberg at Iowa St because Hoiberg had no college head coaching experience. That is obviously not the case with Gottfried.

At least Mox and Lutz can now say they actually did land Tyler Lewis.

I guess Harrisburg will now be the summer home of NCSU basketball because both Lutz and Mox still have their houses there. See them at Bo’s I guess.

Cool, now we are paying a NCSU coach. :smiley: