Maintenance this weekend and on the 16th

Going to be doing some maintenance this weekend and the site might be down for a period of time. I need to free up some disk space to make sure we don’t get into a problem later on that causes an outage.

Also, the server we ride on is migrating to a new datacenter on the 16th. I don’t know the exact window of time for the move as it will happen as part of a larger queue of moves they are doing. When it does happen, we can expect things to be down for roughly a couple of hours. If things don’t come back up as expected, it could be longer.


Thanks for what you do!

Mac. Will it be done before NCAA selection Sunday night so we can discuss our seeding and opponent?

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Certainly, no way I want to have things down in the middle of that.

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All taken care of. You may have gotten a glimpse of the site from like 2 years ago in the middle of some of that. Fortunately we didn’t have as much down time as I expected.

I went ahead and pushed up the queue for the site migration and it’s taken care of as well. So, no downtime on the 16th.

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As always, thank you very much for all you do! :+1:


Thanks Mac!! You keep the punishment up to date and my frustration and insanity sane with this board.