Majority owners to try and sell NASCAR?

Wow. That’s not something I ever imagined happening. It could be a great thing for the sport, though, as it continues to lose fans every season. I’m a life-long fan, yet lately Formula 1 and Australian Supercars get more of my attention than Nascar does. Can’t put my finger on it. Just a slow erosion of my interest over the past few years, replaced by competing series. I would love to see new ownership with a fresh perspective, just to see if anything could grow their fan base for a change.

I have always been a NASCAR fan. I can’t get it out of me. They need a reboot however so hopefully this is good for the sport.

They’ve suceesfully lost their core group of fans trying to impress the big city crowds. Watch the Lucas Oil or World of Outlaw dirt late models when they come into town. I promise you those nights are always packed out.

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I am not much of a NASCAR fan, but I have been volunteering out at the track on race weekends for almost a decade and I have seen the crowds get smaller and smaller. I have to think part of it is kids today do not grow up with a passion for cars, or a passion for driving. When I was growing up getting your license on the day you turned 16 meant freedom–you could get out of the house and go hang out with your friends. Now, the kids of my friends do not want to leave home (ever), and they will see their friends online when they are gaming. Many of them do not get a license until they are 18 or older. Cars today are more like appliances in many ways. Put gas in them and they always run. You don’t have to work on them, or fiddle with them. You don’t really engage with them like kids did a few decades ago. In general I think motorsports will continue to decline in popularity. They have video games that are better than the real thing.

It’s a dying sport. Nobody goes to the races anymore. Just look at the stands. 500 drunks and crickets. Loved it as a kid in the ‘60s. Not so much now.

Motorsports are one of those things better seen in person rather than on TV. Nascar’s problem has been increasing ticket prices with a decreasing attendance. They don’t change because TV revenue has kept them afloat. I used to travel to a few tracks when it was more economical. It was not uncommon for us to take in Charlotte, Rockingham, Darlington, and Martinsville in a single year. However, with increasing ticket prices I can’t afford to spend $125+ per ticket at each event. We did Daytona in 2017 and we spent about $2000 for two people when you factor tickets, hotel, parking, food, and other expenses. If they make it where the fans can see 3 or 4 races per year live and follow along on TV they may be able to survive. Even my video gamer kids like to see races in person, but dread it on TV.

This makes it clear why Marcus Smith was trying to get into the soccer business, and recently said they might be interested in the Panthers. Diversification.

An article in the Charlotte Observer said that NASCAR it’s considering starting their own media network. I wonder if they want to broadcast C-USA games? We have many hours of programming–cheap.

NASCAR has been so mismanaged. Frances selling it probably would be a good thing. I think the recipe is simple. Cut down the number of races held outside of south east.

Locations. One race in Vegas, one in KC, one in Cali and then bring racing back to some of the tracks they left like Rockingham and N. Wilkesboro.

Two, fix the cars. Slow them down if you need to but the cars need to get back to looking like the cars they are. They are called stock cars and should reflect that.

Three, free up drivers personalities. They have been trying to do this the last couple years, but the drivers became way to corporate for awhile and I think it hurt them.

Four. Look at race lengths. Many of the races are just too long.

I was never a huge NASCAR fan, but always kept up with it. I hope the sport gets straightened out. I think the crowd will come back for the most part. They are fighting some of the same things all the sports are. The younger generation just isn’t as connected to sports as previous ones and it shows in ratings for all of them.

clt says millenials are killing nascar.

I’m thinking heat racing. Not this Stage racing crap. Divide the field into multile heats randomly. (yes randomly) advance out of your heat to the main event. Short tracks have been doing this for ages. Still works.

Just to add a little more:

  1. The only races that should be 500 miles or more should be the Daytona 500, Coca Cola 600 and the Southern 500. Everything else should be 300 to 400 miles and narrow into a 3 hour time span.

  2. Innovation is what drives the sport, stop trying to make all of the cars as close together as possible and let the teams freely work on the cars to find grip and speed. A.K.A. Smokey Yunick style

  3. No more 1.5 tracks, diversify the types of tracks on the schedule. More short tracks or different variations of tracks 1 mile and under.

  4. Implement 30 races per year/max.

  5. If I could make the schedule it would look something like:

  • Daytona 500
  • Atlanta
  • Myrtle Beach
  • Phoenix
  • Sonoma
  • Las Vegas
  • Talladega
  • Bristol
  • Darlington
  • Martinsville
  • Pocono
  • Richmond
  • Charlotte
  • Iowa
  • Michigan
  • Daytona
  • Watkins Glen
  • Dover
  • Road America
  • North Wilkesboro
  • Texas
  • Rockingham
  • Talladega
  • Bristol
  • Martinsville
  • Phoenix
  • Charlotte
  • Richmond
  • Atlanta
  • Five Flags

Like I said in my previous post, dirt late model racing is slowly overtakking NASCAR both in popularity and competition. Visit Eldora for the World 100 or the Dream. Visit Fairbury for the Prairie Dirt Classic. Hell even go to the World Finals weekend in November at the Dirt Track at Charlotte and you will see packed houses of 30k + fans for these shows.

If the France family sells NASCAR, the final race can be rotated among Charlotte, Daytona, Bristol, and some other place that draws a big crowd. Having the championship determined in Homestead guarantees most fans hear little about it.

Since the crowds are smaller at the big tracks, North Wilkesboro and Rockingham can be re-opened.

Whoever ends up with NASCAR needs to grovel and get the races back on ESPN. Having the races on ESPN is what helped NASCAR move into the spotlight. In addition to the races on live, the announcers talked about the races and showed highlights on Sportscenter.

clt wonders if north wilkesboro can be reopened for a reasonable price?

I’m not a NASCAR fan, but I’ve been to a couple races (always had a blast), never watched it on TV.

For me, the cost of going is insane. Decent tickets + food + tailgating + drinks, all in all its a pretty expensive affair for two people. I’d be more inclined to go/travel if the prices of these things came down.

A lot of sports are getting more and more expensive to go watch, if NASCAR is dying, a way to attract new viewers/fans would be to create an exciting race format that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to go experience.

Someone mentioned Dirt racing becoming more popular. Look at the ticket prices for one of the World of Outlaw races.

“WORLD OF OUTLAW SPRINTS + Modifieds.Tickets: Adults $30, Ages 6-12 $15, 5 & under free.”

The next race is at Eldora, arguably the most popular dirt track. Tickets there were $100 for VIP suite which included pizza and drinks. Regular admission is as follows:

“ADMISSION: Ages 13 & up are $28, Ages 12 & under are free (general admission areas only). Add $4 more for reserved seats. Reserved seats are all seats under roof (Sections BB - K) and ST, NTA,NTB.”

The biggest thing that Nascar is losing out on are the campers who go for 3 to 4 days. Here is the camping prices for Eldora…

“CAMPING: Reserved camping available in Lots 1-2-3-4, for only $30 for the weekend. Camping is free in Lot 5.”

No need to say more about why the sports are going in different directions.

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Nascar abandoned it’s roots by moving races away from the Southeast. It worked for a period until the new wore off for places like California, Chicago & Vegas. In the process they lost a lot of fans in the Southeast & now they are getting what they deserve for not staying loyal to the fans that made them who they were. I grew up loving the sport. These days drivers have to look like models & speak like politicians to keep a ride. Its definitely not the sport I grew up with. Hopefully someone will buy it & fix it.

clt says the drivers wags look like models.

That’s the truth

clt is surprised there are no pics.