Marcus Bennett...

I really hope he gets a lot of PT against GA State, and all the remaining games for that matter…

Who’s with me?

i’m down. he needs to start. lee needs to watch how to not shot the ball all the time, so does da…

for the past 3 years ive said he was a starter…hes a shooter, hes a great passer with a great bball IQ

not only can he play, but he LOVES to play, he always ask’s me “what the fans saying about me? they pumped to see me?”

im just upset his first game was one of our worst games in niner history…which he and curt seemed to only have a decent game

I am with you.

I don’t think Marcus should start YET, but I do think he should get more minutes if he plays like he did last game. Luts said in postgame that he didn’t plan on playing him that long because of not being game fit.
Also I think I would move E.J back to the three and put DA at the two. Lutz also said that Lewis dislocated his shoulder so I don’t know how healthy he is, or will be because I think that’s the same thing Mitch did last year…which required surgery.
So considering, I think it should be:
Mitch at the point(more experience than anyone on our team)
DA at the 2(let him shoot and drive)
EJ at the three(can shoot it and rebound from that position, but needs a little more passion)
Curt at the 4(keep doing what you are doing on the offensive end, besides the turnovers, and a be a little better on the defensive end)
Nance and Williams on committee(Let them both battle it out for playing time)

Lee at the point backing up Mitch
Marcus backing up DA
DA backs up EJ when he needs a break
Twon backs up Curt
Nance and Williams at the 5

We need to just stick with these guys. We tried Curt some at the 5 on D, but leave him at the 4.
I really don’t think we are playing poorly…if Lee or DA hit a DECENT, not even a great percentage we are a very good team.
We also need to realize we are only returning two starters, and I don’t even want to think about next year, we might only return ONE starter.

Bennett IS a starter. At least he should be.

Bennett not starting is a waste. At this point he is our 2nd best player(and is our 3rd best when everybody is up to par).

I thought Bennett looked as good as anyone (except Curt) against MSU. I also thought he kept his composure quite well. I think he needs to play quite a bit.