Marshall Hillbilly Ball Game 1/5


We played 4 scholarship players and 3 walkons tonight against Marshall, outrebounded them, and lost by one. It isn’t hard to see the path from the bottom of this conference to the top.


McGill isnt a walkon


Well shoot, he should be.


Mangum was nonexistent today. All I remember is him getting tripped.


Lots of positives to take away from this game, we’re a JD FT from going to OT or Younger seeing him a second earlier from possibly winning that game. 84 points and out rebounding Marshall is nice, the wins will come.


That’s right. The game on 2/2 is listed as Alumni Day on the official schedule. I’ll be there for sure!


clt asks about the on campus water features. Any cans tossed yesterday?


No. But I saw an old refrigerator thrown down an embankment near the Alumni House.


Post this on the Marshall forum. Someone will come pick it up for their home shortly.


Three points on one trey, one assist, and one foul.


Younger is completely lost and insecure on the court…bottom line.


FWIW, Younger had 10 points, 4 rebounds, 1 assist, and 1 block vs Herd. Like Davis, he did have 4 TOs, though Supica led that stat with 5.


FWIW I thought Younger was very good, and had his best game as a Niner.




Look at his body language and expressions when he’s on the floor.


I agree on Younger, he looked like he figured some things out during the game, and finished well. I will take his stat line from him every game.


Nugget - I had the same impression from him.