Marshall Hillbilly Ball Game 1/5


Marshall Thundering Herd (8-6, 1-0) at Charlotte 49ers (3-9, 0-1)

Saturday, January 5, 2019 @ 4:00pm
(Halton Arena, Charlotte)


Like WKU, Marshall comes to Halton off its best performance of the season. The Thundering Herd defeated ODU 70-67 in Norfolk in the C-USA opener for both teams.


clt hopes campus services are prepared for more beer cans in our creeks


More likely to be bathing in the cricks


What ever else they’ll be doing, they’ll be kicking our undermanned ass.




Anyone want two lowers across the court from our bench for tomorrow? Row I. First private message with the email to send them to gets them.

Heading out of town for a funeral in the morning and can’t use them.


They are taken…



I love the fight in this team. There is zero quit in these guys. That’s why I continue to be optimistic. When we are back to a full roster, we will be dangerous.
And how about the walk ons tonight? Blight and Kitoko combined for 9 pts, 15 rebs, 2-4 from three, and just one TO.


Milos Supica is going to be a problem.

Brandon Younger is going to be a problem.

How about the walk ons?

Love me some Jon Davis. Moves into 7th all time.

We are terrible this year, but you can see the future is bright.


Younger is going to be what kind of problem? He makes poor decisions out there. Is he suppose to be our starting pg next year?


About the perfect game this team could have played. Too bad younger didn’t see Davis a second earlier and maybe Davis gets his shot off. Or if Davis doesn’t miss one of his three FT than we go to OT.

Why down 1 with like 15 sec are we holding for the final shot? Why not extend the game? If we miss then we foul and still a one possession game and crowd gets another chance at chicken.

What’s wrong with Haslem?


I was puzzled at first as to why we held for the last shot too, but I think the calculation was that Marshall has more firepower so milk it down and put the game in JDs hands. It didn’t work but I get it.

Although we didn’t win that was a fun entertaining game, we’ve got to keep Supica attacking like he was tonight.


Can’t expect to win with that many turnovers. The fact we didn’t give in and it came down to the final second makes me think we can steal a couple this year. Praise be to JD.


What game is senior day? Wife and I want to make sure we’re there for JD.


Marshall does not guard the rim - they are like us in that regard and we exploited it. Supica exploited that they don’t have a center, just guys sorta like him. JD was on tonight and I hate that he blames himself for that missed FT. Marshall is a bad defensive team, but overall you have to respect our effort. Bo blight had 10 rebounds against scholarship players. Also, # 13 for Marshall suuuucks.

We need to turn out for Senior day, no matter how many we end up winning. JD deserves the respect. Start making plans and rally your friends and family to make it out for that game.

I believe that is Saturday February 2nd versus North Texas at 4pm. Go ahead and make plans to be there.


Nice to see we put up 84 points


I think Younger will be ok long term. He needs to get a little weight and some more playing time under his belt. I didn’t like his body language when he was taken out for McGill. He needed to sit at that point because he was being careless. It didn’t get any better for him the rest of the game. I think he also looked disappointed when he had to do the last inbound. I hope the coach talks to him about that and he grows because of it. We need him to keep working hard.


Seems like that would be the day since the final four regular season games are the so-called bonus play and those won’t be known until after 2-2.