Marshall QB Isaiah Green has entered the NCAA transfer portal

wow. this is really surprising to me, where is he even going to go?

I think Marshall just got better. He wasn’t very good

I agree. He was awful. Doc kept trying to make fetch happen.

Edited to add. I was standing around the 8th row in 107 during the Marshall game. In the second half, I started screaming at Green. I’m sure he didn’t hear me, but our redshirts enjoyed it. I told him he was overrated, that he wouldn’t start anywhere but Marshall, his coaches sucked, he had regressed, etc.

I realized there was a lady with a couple of kids near me. I kind of apologized for my volume (I kept it clean), and she told me she didn’t mind. Talked to her a little later and it turns out it was Carney’s wife. I think she might lurk here a little, so shout out to her if she is reading this.

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This is almost as big of a mess as our pristine creeks after Marshal visits.

I liked him since I thought he was a one-trick pony that could not throw so we loaded the box. I do not see how they are expected to contend for title with him as QB.

Per the Marshall board he is gone per an official statement from the school about him being in the transfer portal. Rumor is something about a confrontation with the coaching staff.


yikes. i wonder who’s going to be at qb now over there? i wonder if they are just going to pick out a qb from the transfer portal or whether they are going for one of their other qbs, because i can’t see doc keeping his job for long.

Idk, Doc and Stockstill seem to be the kings of mediocre long tenures. Biggest issue is that they could pull an ECU real quick with one bad hire and be in the dumpster.

They both benefited from us and F()U being terrible as well, that is no longer the case.