Matta candidate for OSU afterall?

From Matta, OSU AD talking about job

According to most on the XU message boards, they think he is gone. Word is also that one of XUs biggest recruits will follow him to Columbus, BJ something.

According to the Buckeye message boards they are extremely happy to have him and they should.

According to the other day, He said he was not leaving, and was definatlely satying at Xavier.

That is old news, Nut.

Apparently he changed his mind.

The Matta situation illustrates one of the biggest problems with going to the A-10, the coaching carousel. The A-10 must find a way to retain their good coaches. It has been one of the biggest stepping stone leagues for coaches over the last 5 years.

I agree, but I really can’t imagine that changing. There will always be the allure of the big east, big ten, accc, pac10, etc. If a program experiences success the coach will always be in demand the biggest schools. Thankfully for us Niners, we haven’t had any great success since 1977!

July 7, 2004 4:50 PM

Men’s Basketball:

The Matta Era Begins

Thad Matta
The-Ozone has learned that former Xavier Head Coach Thad Matta was offered and has now accepted the Head Coaching position at Ohio State.

Matta to Columbus

guess he was scared at the thought of coming to Halton :smiley:

It appears that Sean Miller (Associate Head Coach) is the shoe-in to get the Xavier job. I don’t think he’ll be there long either should he repeat Matta’s success.

Miller Waiting in Wings for XU

If anybody finds out what Matta’s salary details, post them here. I guess that money was just too good to pass up.

Mike DeCourcy is reporting that Sean Miller will be promoted to head Musketeer. Xavier quick to hire Miller after Matta bolts

The prospect of locking horns with Lutz had to be too much for him to bear. Moving to the Big 10 was the only way out.