MBB staff checking in on HS workouts

Sept 9, our staff was at the schools below checking in on some workouts. The kids listed are my best guess. With so many HS transfers, there are a couple places where I’m not sure who we’re possibly looking at.

Providence Day: Grant Williams, Devin Dotson?
Harrells Chrisian Academy: Quate Mckinzie?
Carlisle School: Quentin Jackson, Blake Harris?
Hargarve: Iran Bennett (Price)
Ardrey Kell: Wes Morgan
St. David’s Academy: Kris Monroe
Neuse Christian Academy: Kaleb Hunter
Word of God: Fornes? Although I don’t think we are after any more G’s in 2016.

that’s a solid list of prospects. the staff seems to be a bunch of hard workers and those kids on here are all 3-4 star prospects.

We know that some staffs can recruit but not coach…oh, do we know that. But what if this staff can do both? Holy smokes! We could be on the rise just as CH goes on probation, and K retires, and Lebo gets another extension! All excellent events for us.

clt says all praise Lebo.