Mecklenburg Mining Co

Does anyone have a picture of the Mecklenburg Mining Co that used to be on Hwy 29? When I was a freshman in 1977 we would go “mining” on Wednesday night. .25 drafts or something like that.

You mean this place?


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Wasn’t the shaft on old concord road?

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I remember it as a small block building.

I remember it too as a small building but not exactly sure of location.

There was some place like this on Old Concord. Maybe it was a different one.

It was on Hwy 29. Seems like it was about where Harris Bvld is now. People didn’t walk around with cameras back in the day.

There’s a vet clinic or something like that where it used to be. .25 cent ladies night on Wednesdays

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I know a little about most every gold mine in Meck and surrounding counties. I never heard tell of that place.

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clt says that was a good thing,

It was a hole-in-the-wall place that made hole-in-the-wall places look like major establishments. Pretty much SRO, probably watered down beer, most of the drinking was done outside or shoulder to shoulder inside, onky had to be 18, but they had the absolute best Foosball tables that I ever played on which were as big of a draw there as the cheap beer and the ladies. Don’t no what company made them, but they most have gone out of business or gotten acquired by a competitor that stopped producing them.