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We continue to take L’s on and off the field. Wake Forest Med School, Chapel Hill MBA executive program, and now Elon Law School.

If Charlotte doesn’t “stand up” I am ready to “stand down.”

Our competitive edge is the stregnth of “our city.”

The void we are leaving open is being filled by others.

We are not maximizing our potential as a result.

It would be much easier to get corporate support if we were considered “relevant” in eduacation as well as sports. Med school, law school, etc.

This is being driven by the UNC Board of Governors to restrain our growth and relevance. This limits any threats to the flagship.

Requires strong local leadership to perservere and overcome.

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Not just the BoG but also the legislators. Anything major has to go through both groups. The sad thing is we need the city to throw its muscle around at the state level for us but many of our cities leaders still refuse to view us as the resource they we are and many are still focused on CH and State.