I saw an article in the Business Journal that Megabus has begun Charlotte service. Is anyone familiar with this? Used it? It looks kind of crazy to me, but for the Feb 23rd GW game you apparently could board the Megabus in Charlotte at 8:00 am and arrive in DC at 4:35 pm. Go to the game and then get back on the Megabus at 11:00 pm and be back in Charlotte at 7:15 am the next morning. Your fare–$1 each way. :o Free wi-fi. They go to Richmond too.

That would be fun!

Megabus rules! I was talking about it coming to Charlotte in the shoutbox a couple of days ago. It is also coming to Durham. Stokeage!

How the hell is it so cheap? Do you have to ride in someone’s lap?

It gets more expensive the closer to the date you book, as it fills up, but they are a no frills service. Sorta like jetblue/southwest.

Read about this in the local fishwrap yesterday. The $1 fares go pretty quickly I imagine. Still, seems like a great way(cheap) to see some games without having to drive. Guess it’ll come down to how long a trip it takes and arrival/departure times. The article I read mentioned Megabus passengers were mainly college students and young professionals, midcareer women, retirees and business commuters, etc.

Yep, Richmond and DC as well.

Yeah man, Richmond and DC are hubs. That is cool.

I’ve never taken it but my brother has taken it from DC to New York many times. He said it is lightyears better than a Grayhound bus. He said the DC to NYC trip is usually business men/women.

so it’s no longer called bangbus?

Just because it isn’t called that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

Regardless if the fare goes up or not, just use the code “iluvdc” for 2.50 round trip from Charlotte to DC.

Go on…

So is it too late for Nick to ditch Amtrak for Megabus?

Wow this is awesome.

I have a little extra space if anyone comes up for the GWU game and wants to spend the night.