Memphis lands blue chip recruits

We are going to have to continue to upgrade our recruiting to compete in the AAC.

clt says we need to hand out more cash

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They are going to beat us by 100.

Did you see former Memphis player Emoni Bates at Eastern Michigan last night? I forget why he left Memphis (probably a big story), but he was absolute money for EMU.

And they are gonna have 5 guys like him on the floor. This would have been tough as hell for Lutz teams. Sanchez teams? Yikes.

Apparently nothing big about Bates leaving Memphis after an injury plagued freshman season though his choice of hometown EMU was surprising.

clt says we need more pillars

Must have missed moms home cooking. Could be the best thing for him.

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We are going to need 4x to 5x more pillars to beat Memphis.


Ok. Make it 10X pillars to beat Memphis.

Maybe Poggi can help Sanchez with recruiting.


clt asks when was the last time we had a ranked fellow conference member in haltron?