Memphis, UAB hoopsters' wild weekend

Cincinnati may no longer be in Conference USA, but the Tigers and Blazers are making sure that good ol’ Bearcat “Spirit” lives on… :tongue: Memphis’ Robinson, Taggart arrested after early morning fight

It had to be Memphis to pick up the torch from the Bearcats. After missing the 2-point conversion with 31 seconds remaining yesterday I imagine SCConway is busy banning folks already. Coach Crooked Cal held a news conference at 2 pm today. Nothing online yet.

Memphis did get a bigtime recruit though, 6-11 Angel Garcia.

[URL=][B]Tigers get commitment from standout[/B][/URL], Memphis Commercial Appeal

Funny how the five UAB players arrested were all newcomers. There were several other players who tried to break up the incident who were not arrested as well.

[URL=][B]Two Tiger basketball players arrested[/B][/URL], Memphis Commercial Appeal

[URL=][B]Five Blazers arrested by Birmingham police[/B][/URL], Birmingham News

Calipari lays down the law…

[QUOTE]“We’ll have a curfew seven days a week. I’ve never done that before. But this (incident) steps out of the bounds; it’s brazen because of how we’ve tried to deal with them. We’ve probably empowered them too much, so we’re going to reel it back a little bit. I’ve asked the players, if anybody here doesn’t think they can live with that, I need them to come and see me so we’ll help them transfer.”[/QUOTE]
[URL=][B]Calipari: Clubs are off limits[/B][/URL], Memphis Commercial Appeal

Calipari lays down the law...

[URL=][B]Calipari: Clubs are off limits[/B][/URL], Memphis Commercial Appeal

I can’t stand Calipari, but good for him. These kids are lucky they didnt get shot, if I were a cop I probably would have shot somebody who was 6’11" and was coming at me with balled up fists and screaming profanity, because I am a wuss and I wouldnt be about to take a guy on who is nearly a foot and a half taller than me.

[QUOTE=HP49er;256413]Calipari lays down the law…

…until they lose a game or two, then it’ll be back to normal in Memphis land.

Memphis… the new Cincinnati.
[URL=][B]Tiger star may have triggered bar fracas[/B][/URL], Memphis Commercial Appeal

[URL=][B]Records put Dorsey at 3 Beale brawls[/B][/URL], Memphis Commercial Appeal

[URL=][B]In title chase, Dorsey has to play[/B][/URL], Memphis Commercial Appeal

Meanwhile, in Birmingham…
[URL=][B]UAB coach: 5 basketball players arrested at bar disciplined[/B][/URL], Birmingham News (AP)

[QUOTE]An actual post from a Memphis message board: “We are a national title contender, they can face the judge after the season is over.”[/QUOTE]

Ahhh the memories…

That’s my quote! He didn’t even give me credit!

These stories do have a humerous side. The Memphis players arrested weren’t actually the ONE the police wanted since he – Joey Dorsey – fled the scene. In the case of the UAB hoopsters, they were fighting amongst THEMSELVES! :rolleyes: :tongue:

And in other Conference USA news, head honcho Britton Banowsky was spurned by the Big 12 in the latter’s selection of a new commissioner.

[SIZE=1]Wow…That Dorsey sure is a stand up guy…[/SIZE]

On Oct. 14, he was arrested for driving with a suspended license.

On Oct. 18, Dorsey allegedly followed a female student, threatened her and poured a water bottle over her head.

On Feb. 4, according to a witness, Dorsey punched a customer at Club 152 on Beale Street.

On June 9, according to Beale Street landlord John Elkington, Dorsey “battered” a bouncer at the same club.

And Sunday morning, according to a police report, Dorsey may have been the instigator in the brawl on Beale that ended with the arrest of two Memphis players, Jeff Robinson and Shawn Taggart.

All in a year?!?!