Memphis' Washington top impact frosh in nation? Right to the point: Washington could be the impact frosh – if he learns an unfamiliar role

Not sure if I agree with this from Winn…

Now, the big question – one so large it could mean the difference between Memphis repeating in a down C-USA or stumbling into the NIT – is: Can Calipari convert a prep scoring machine into a college floor general?

I expect C-USA as we know it to have another stellar year, so I wouldn’t consider 2004-05 to be a down year. (Of course, 2005-06 will be another story!!!) At season’s end I look for Charlotte, Louisville, Memphis, Cincy, and 1-2 others (from among DePaul, Marquette, UAB, and Saint Louis) to be putting on their dancing shoes.

Anyway, Memphis plays the Niners on February 23rd in Halton Arena. Mr. Washington, meet Mr. Basden & Co.!!!