Men's Soccer

Anybody have any idea how the friendly turned out?

Was the match cancelled?

May have been. Doesn’t seem to be any social media presence for it.

Makes sense though, Independence just played their season opener yesterday.

Yeah. I saw that. Hmmm.

Teams just laying down for us already.

Independence Soccer Club is one of the top-10 largest, youth-to-professional clubs in the United States with a player network of close to 12,000 members and playing levels for boys and girls ranging from recreation levels, ECNL, NPL, USL (United Soccer League) Academy, USL League Two, to the USL Championship, formed …

Was the Wofford match cancelled?

Somebody he’p me here! Has the mens soccer season been cancelled? How are we supposed to get news of the soccer program?

I think nobody has responded because nobody knows. It doesn’t appear that the games have been played but I have no idea why

clt says msoc plays in the fall, then a few matches in the spring for training

Like they said above the main season is in the fall for both men’s and women’s soccer. The spring is a short season that is made up of several scrimmages. Those games do not count. If a match gets postponed due to weather they are more than likely not made up.

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So does anybody how we’ve looked so far?

All I saw was a little bit of that Crown Legacy FC game, and we looked dominant in that one. I was surprised, given the opponent. But I spoke about that earlier.

The Ga State and CoC games I don’t think are going to tell us all that much, unless we lose them.

Thanks for this!

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I’d love to hear how we do this afternoon.


Thanks! BlahBlahBlah for five more words!

I think its five letters, not words.

Well THAT’S a relief!

I didn’t stick around for the 2nd half - had a prior engagement. It looked like we were the better team, even if we didn’t always play great. No idea what the final score was.