Merry Christmas - Chat is back

Click the Chat Icon in the upper right to see it. By default, you won’t be joined into any chats. To add yourself into the main channel you can do it a couple different ways…

Click on the Chat Icon upper right, then click on the back arrow on the left side of the chat toolbar.

Click the pencil to edit channels. Here you’ll see all the channels and can join any you want.

You can also go to NNN Chat - Forums.NinerNation.Net and click the “Open chat” button

Some of the nice features this has is each category or even post topic can have it’s own Chat Channel. So, we could have a chat Channel for a Game Thread. Within the chat we can also move specific chats into the Thread itself as well.

The key is it’s going to be integrated within the forum and work together with it. Discourse is putting a lot of effort here and I expect we’ll see lots of changes and new features over the next few months.

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This is so freaking cool. Thank you Mac.

Folks - play around with this. It’s vastly superior to what we had.

Just a reminder about the main chat channel.

Posted a couple of things this morning…

RIP Meatloaf & Dale Jr to the NASCAR HOF.

Come vent, goof off, brag about your Wordle prowess, etc - whatever gets you through the day.